M3 Global Research Launches Patient Engagement Product to Meet Market Demands for Healthcare Research

M3 Global Research Launches Patient Engagement Product to Meet Market Demands for Healthcare Research

New ‘Patient Access’ Offering Built Upon M3’s Extensive Worldwide Network and Panel Experience

FORT WASHINGTON, PA (October 22, 2018) — M3 Global Research, part of the M3 Group and the leader in global healthcare data collection, today announced the availability of a new Patient Access offering.

M3 has initiated this strategic move to meet the changing demands of the market and help focus on patient centricity as well as the wider healthcare stakeholder ecosystem.

“M3 Global Research is ever evolving to support the needs of our clients as their business focus changes,” says M3 Global Research CEO Anton Richter. “While we’ve been providing patient access for our clients for several years, patient research has become a primary concentration for manufacturers. This is why, to meet this evolving requirement, we are now delivering a comprehensive global program for patient recruitment to complement that of our industry leading physician network.”

M3 is taking this innovative approach to patient recruitment by leveraging its extensive network of relationships gained from years of experience as a leading physician panel company and a network of 4.5 million physicians worldwide.

M3’s expert patient access team was carefully assembled based on their experience with recruiting patients, delivering patient projects, and working with clients to achieve the best outcomes for their studies. These multilingual team members are specialized in innovative recruitment techniques and ensuring engagement with a strong focus on compliance and data protection. This is particularly important when working with sensitive patient data in the post-GDPR landscape.

While M3 has always worked closely and successfully with patient associations and advocacy groups to recruit patients for the M3 Global Research community, it is now taking the opportunity to formalize some of those partnerships and ensure that the support of the patient community is recognized.

M3’s qualitative and quantitative research with patients helps inform decisions in product development, adherence, treatment pathways, and education – and it rounds out M3’s already established offering of physicians and payers in the healthcare space. Patient Access gives patients a voice and empowers them to influence the care and prognosis of those who follow in their footsteps.

For more information about M3 Global Research’s new Patient Access product, contact: Tom Pugh Tom.Pugh@eu.m3.com or +44 203 725 7922.

About M3 Global Research

M3 Global Research, part of M3 Inc., provides market research recruitment, data collection, and support services reaching respondents in 248 markets across 70 countries worldwide with a strong emphasis on the healthcare space. Working in highly regulated industries, M3 maintains ISO 26362 and 27001 certifications, providing data collection and project management capabilities covering a broad spectrum of quantitative and qualitative techniques.

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The M3 Group operates in the US, Asia, and Europe with over 5.8 million physician members globally via its physician websites which include mdlinx.com, m3.com, research.m3.com, doctors.net.uk, medigate.net, medlive.cn, and m3india.in. M3 Inc. is a publicly traded company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (jp:2413) with subsidiaries in major markets including USA, UK, France, Japan, China, and India. The M3 Group provides services to healthcare and the life science industry. In addition to market research, these services include medical education, ethical drug promotion, clinical development, job recruitment, and clinic appointment services. M3 has offices in Japan, UK, France, Germany, Spain, USA, Sweden, China, South Korea, and India.


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