The M3 Group operates in the US, Asia, and Europe with over 5.8 million physician members globally via its physician websites which include mdlinx.com, m3.com, research.m3.com, doctors.net.uk, medigate.net, medlive.cn, and m3india.in. M3 Inc. is a publicly traded company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (jp:2413) with subsidiaries in major markets including USA, UK, France, Japan, China, and India. The M3 Group provides services to healthcare and the life science industry. In addition to market research, these services include medical education, ethical drug promotion, clinical development, job recruitment, and clinic appointment services. M3 has offices in Japan, UK, France, Germany, Spain, USA, Sweden, China, South Korea, and India..

M3 Global Research, part of M3 Inc., provides the most comprehensive and highest quality market research recruitment and support services available to the industry with relationships reaching respondents in more than 70 countries worldwide.

M3 Global Research maintains ISO 20252 and 27001 certifications with the highest quality data collection and project management capabilities that cover the spectrum of quantitative and qualitative techniques utilized today. M3 services incorporate all of the most advanced statistical and attitudinal methodologies allowing clients to provide world-class offerings and support services to their end-client customers throughout multiple industry sectors.

Beyond healthcare providers, M3 Global Research creates and maintains relationships and panels of Patients, Caregivers, and general consumers.

M3 has offices in Tokyo, Washington D.C., Fort Washington, PA, Oxford, London, Beijing, and Seoul.

Our Solutions


As a key component to research, recruitment of quality respondents for qualitative engagement is imperative. M3 Global Research provides an array of qualitative recruitment services for healthcare providers, patients, caregivers, and general consumers.


Focusing on quantity while maintaining the quality, M3 utilizes the largest global ISO certified panel to deliver on national or global quantitative research. We support all common data collection methodologies and regularly carry out projects using face-to-face, telephone, and online surveys.


Mobile Research allows for insights and in-the-moment reactions from respondents. In healthcare, mobile research gives our clients the ability to perform conference research with physicians and other healthcare professionals accommodating their busy schedules. The main benefits of mobile research are off-line capability, interactive touch screen and in-the-moment data capturing.


An extension of your back office, M3 offers in-house project managers, programming, hosting, data processing and data products.  Whether your staff are just at capacity and you need overflow assistance or you prefer to outsource the services, we provide complete solutions to help you focus on what you do best, analyzing your data.


What is Syndicated Research?  A research study which is conducted and funded by a market research firm but not for any specific client is called a syndicated research. The result of such research is often provided in the form of reports, presentations, raw data etc. and is made available in open market.

Global Studios

To complement our extensive online and phone qualitative offering, our global studios are located in Philadelphia, London, and Gothenburg—and more coming soon. Our stylish studios provide a focus on quality over quantity.

Global Coverage

Offices in: United States, United Kingdom, Japan, China, South Korea, India, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, and Sweden

M3 Group Companies: Doctors.net.uk, MDLinx, m360 Research, M3 Global Research, M3 Inc., M3 India, M3 Medical, medeConnect, Medigate, MedLive.cn, Mirvracha, NAS Recruitment, Networks In Health, PracticeMatch, QQFS, The Medicus Firm, The Smartest Doc, Vidal Group, Wake Research

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M3 is committed to industry-specific laws and regulations compliance to ensure data security and transparency to clients and users globally. M3 has defined and implemented best-practice information security processes with continuous commitment from executive management while undergoing internal and external audits.

More Compliance


Our unique journey has led to the creation of the largest global healthcare community with unprecedented access to physicians, ancillary care providers, patients, and caregivers..

  • 2018

    Acquisition of Wake Research

  • 2017

    Acquisition of QQFS and The Vidal Group

    Held 5th place ranking on Forbes Most Innovative Growth Companies in the World list

  • 2016

    Moving up a spot from last year M3 ranked #5 Forbes Most Innovative Growth Companies in the World list

    Opened first studio in the United States

    ISO27001 Certified

  • 2015

    M3 ranked #6 Forbes Most Innovative Growth Companies in the World list

  • 2013

    Acquired MedLive (China), stake in Mirvracha (Russia), Partner with MedCenter (LatAm)

  • 2011

    Acquired Doctors.net.uk (UK / Europe)

    Certified: ISO26362 for Market Research

  • 2006

    Acquired MDLinx.com (USA / Global), Medigate.net (Korea)

  • 2004

    IP on Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • 2002

    Acquired WebMD - Japan

  • 2000

    M3 Inc. (Japan) founded with investment from Sony

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