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Qualitative Research at M3

M3 Global Research offers everything you need to deliver qualitative healthcare research, but with the flexibility of an independent consultant, recommending a bespoke combination of services to deliver your research objectives. We are experts in the full complement of in-person and remote qual methodologies, and are uniquely placed to support recruitment, facility and moderator administration, and choice of remote technologies, including our proprietary QualStage platform, designed and built by healthcare market research industry insiders.

The M3 Difference
Panel Magnitude

We recruit from the entire global M3 panel, meaning your projects benefit from representative opinions and minimal ‘frequent flier’ bias.

M3 Wallet

Fast incentive payment, offering multiple options that the respondent can manage themselves in their M3 Wallet.

Dedicated Project Team

Our expert team of industry specialists widen recruitment beyond the panel when required to ensure recruitment targets are achieved.

The Personal Touch

We combine innovation and technology with the personal touch to ensure that respondents are well prepared and comfortable with the research.

Scheduling Tool

Our proprietary scheduling tool means respondents can book a time convenient for them, quickly and easily, increasing their engagement. Each appointment is confirmed by phone and text message, limiting no-shows.

Screener Insights

As we programme screeners in-house, we are able to share insights and dynamic profiling intelligence, giving an instant health check on the screener, and ensuring any specific market challenges are highlighted early, with supporting data.

Technology and Expertise

We layer innovation and technology with industry knowledge, ensuring that automation delivers efficiency and speed of delivery. This is augmented with a consultative approach from industry experts with a focus on attention to detail.

Everything in One Place

We offer everything you need to deliver qual research, but with the flexibility of an independent consultant, selecting a bespoke combination of services to deliver your research objectives.

Freelance Moderators

We’ll recommend a moderator for your specific project, considering the methodology, platform, and target audiences. Our moderators undergo continuous assessment to ensure high quality outputs at every touchpoint.

In-person Qual Research
In-person Qual Research

We layer innovation and technology with industry knowledge, ensuring that automation delivers efficiency and speed of delivery. This is augmented with a consultative approach from industry experts with a focus on attention to detail. We recruit from the entire global M3 panel, meaning your projects benefit from representative opinions and minimal ‘frequent flier’ bias. We’ll recommend one of our continuously assessed moderators based on your specific needs to ensure your research objectives are expertly delivered. Our in-house language services team are also on hand to advise on simultaneous translation as well as any other requirements.

  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Duos / dyad
  • Triads
  • Ethnographies
Remote Qual Research

When face to face qualitative research isn’t appropriate or possible, remote solutions offer a breadth of opportunities and benefits. Recruitment is powered by our proprietary panel and underpinned by innovative approaches to scheduling, screening, and managing incentives. Remote qual research offers an excellent opportunity to hear from hard to reach groups and respondents from diverse geographies, with flexible scheduling, fast turnaround, and efficiency savings.

  • TDIs / WATIs
  • Online focus group
  • Online duo / dyad
  • Online triad
  • Bulletin board
  • Online community
  • Mobile ethnography
Remote Qual Research
QualStage - Remote Qual Platform
QualStage - Remote Qual Platform

Designed by a team of expert market research professionals with experience spanning operations, technology and compliance, our new QualStage platform supports remote qualitative TDI and WATI projects. Our user-centric design with intuitive controls and functionality alleviates common frustrations from moderators and respondents alike, with security designed specifically for end-pharma / client needs.

Charting Services

M3 Global Research's expert team of healthcare-focused analysts turn your market research results into visualised data, so you can focus on delivering more research, projects and insights. They'll work with you to design report templates in line with your analysis plan, incorporating your clients’ logos and branding for seamless delivery.

M3 Global Research's expert team of healthcare-focused analysts turn your market research results into visualised data
M3 Agile Qualitative research with physicians
M3 Agile

M3 Agile is a high value, cost-effective approach to quick turnaround research, with results as quickly as 48 hours post launch. We deliver robust insights from both patient and physician respondents via online questionnaires, tele-depth interviews, or a combination of the two methodologies, in the US and EU5. M3 Agile has been developed with industry-leading compliance and adherence to ISO standards, and combines innovative self-service technology with traditional account management. Available for:

  • Qualitative research with physicians
  • Quantitative research with patients
  • Quantitative research with physicians
Case Study

Qual-Quant Charting Services

Our client, a global healthcare consultancy, working on the behalf of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers wanted to understand respondents’ experiences of interacting with medical representatives, either in-person, or by telephone, in the two weeks prior to the interview. We recruited a sample of general practitioners / family medicine specialists, and neurologists, who had experience with prescribing for, and managing, patients with migraine, and the various migraine therapies available.

Given the external environment at the time of fielding this study (April 2021), interactions with the end-client’s salesforce had been affected, as had HCPs’ patient consultations. Our client also requested charting services, which required a creative approach to data processing given the qualitative methodology.

This dedicated coding team then shared the code book for approval, and coded all respondents’ data ready for the research team The discussion guide was used to capture respondents’ verbatim contributions which were then converted to data to match the Ascribe layout, and uploaded by specialist coders. This dedicated coding team then share the code book for approval, and then codes all respondents’ data ready for the research team.

Once the code book and coding data was approved by the client, our DP analyst then prepared comprehensive data tables. The charting team then updated the previously approved template report with the data, including respondent verbatims where indicated.

Finally, the report was accentuated with carefully chosen images, infographics, highlighted text callouts, icons, and graphics to illustrate and amplify the study’s findings.

This creative reporting approach, combining qualitative and quantitative solutions, ensured that the final deliverable, in PowerPoint, was engaging, digestible, and saved time for the clients’ analysts. They were able to make deductions and recommendations based on data that had already been visualized, rather than spending time interpreting raw data or generic dashboards.

  • Therapeutic Area: Migraine
  • Respondents Recruited: 35
  • Respondent Types: PCPs / Neurologists
  • Methodology: Qualitative - TDIs
  • Country: Canada
  • Type of Client: Healthcare Consultancy
Case Study

Asian Clinical Trial Research

The M3 client’s main objective was to support their pharma manufacturer’s goal of reassessing and redefining their strategy surrounding clinical trial management. The purpose of the research was to understand patients’ pain points when participating in clinical trials, with input from recent patient participants.

The first challenge M3 faced on this project was that the client wanted to take a unique approach to the interview setting, by conducting the interviews in or near the home of the patients and as close to the place of work of the healthcare professionals (HCPs) as possible. While clients often want ethnographies because of the context they provide, this research method is very difficult to conduct in Asia for cultural and privacy reasons.

Additionally, the client wanted to conduct the interviews in English, which is highly unusual in Asian markets, and especially challenging with Asian patients.

A third challenge was managing the complicated logistics required of the project: three countries, multiple cities, clients on the ground (managed remotely by M3), a simultaneous translator travelling with clients, and the organisation of client visas.

The final challenge on this project was the level of recruitment involved to secure such a large sample size across multiple audiences. Clinical trial investigators, research nurses, clinical trial patients, across three different therapy areas made recruitment challenging, especially given the scale associated with this project.

M3 facilitated an immersive client experience into the world of clinical trial participants in Asia, as well as presenting them with the opportunity to interview the medical professionals who ran those trials. Building upon its Asian-specific market access, knowledge, and experience, M3 was able to effectively advise the client on the best methodology and approaches to achieve their research goals.

M3’s solution to many of the language and cultural challenges was to collaborate with a simultaneous translator in each market who accompanied the client to each interview. The translator facilitated the discussion, supported logistics and travel, and also recorded each engagement to ensure that M3 could then produce the English transcripts in a timely fashion.

The key to achieving the client’s research goals was the exceptional level of communication between the M3 project management team and the client throughout the project. Regular calls, a face-to-face kick-off meeting, and a face-to-face debriefing ensured that key milestones and deliverables were all met to the client’s satisfaction.

The client team flew to Asia with a confirmed strategy based on M3’s local knowledge, and with the confidence that M3 had arranged a full schedule of interviews and would manage their time and experience effectively. M3 also ensured close communications with the simultaneous translators, who served as M3’s day-to-day representatives on the ground in each country.

As a result of these efforts, M3 achieved:

  • China: 8 healthcare professional interviews + 8 patient interviews – all 90 minutes
  • Japan: 8 patient interviews – all 90 minutes
  • South Korea: 8 healthcare professional interviews + 8 patients interviews – all 90 minutes

Through a combination of best-in-class, global respondent access, superior local knowledge, exceptional project management, and a collaborative client, M3 Global Research delivered actionable insights on-time and within budget.

  • Research Focus: Clinical trials
  • Respondents: Patients who had participated in a clinical trial, HCP principal investigators, Registered nurses who had worked in a clinical trial environment, Clinical trial coordinator
  • Methodology: In-home / in-office ethnographic in-depth interviews
  • Countries: Japan, China, South Korea
  • Specialties: Oncology, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, renal and metabolism (emphasis on oncology)
  • Interviews Completed: 40