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Seven Tips to Create a Successful Mobile Survey

By Miriam Haynes and Beth Waugh

Miriam Haynes, Global Head of Survey Programming, and Beth Waugh, US Director of Quantitative Programming, share their seven top tips to design successful mobile-friendly surveys.

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Four Things to Consider Before Launching Your Patient Project

By Jackie Prinder

We caught up with Jackie Prinder, M3 Global Research’s Director of Global Patient Business Solutions, for her advice on ensuring the success of patient healthcare research projects.

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Three Takeaways from Dr. Susan Noonan: Mental Wellness of HCPs in the Current Climate

By Hannah Brown

M3 Global Research’s Global Head of Marketing, Hannah Brown, sat down with Dr. Susan Noonan for the inaugural ‘M3 Health Talks’, to discuss the mental wellbeing of healthcare practitioners in the current climate. Hannah shares her top 3 takeaways from the session.

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Gender in the Healthcare Industry: What, if any, are the implications?

By M3 Global Research

We asked our panel if they felt that their experience had been impacted by their gender, revealing some interesting insights.

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Five Ways to Reduce Your Screen Outs

By Cedric Gallais

To avoid project delays it’s essential that your screening runs smoothly. We asked our expert, Cedric Gallais, Fieldwork Director, to share his top tips to reduce screen outs.

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Data Protection in 2022

By M3 Global Research

A roundup of the latest data protection updates and changes, and what the implications are going forward.

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Three Healthcare Market Research Stats for the Holiday Season

By Georgia Galliford and Hannah Brown

We reviewed our October to January response rates over the last 3 years, to try and spot any trends that can help improve delivery in 2021, revealing some interesting holiday season stats.

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How do patients feel about AI-supported diagnoses?

Source: M3 Global Research Internal Survey

We asked 1,594 panelists in the US and Europe whether they would trust an AI diagnosis over a traditional diagnosis, revealing interesting insights.

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Why We Created Our Own Sampling Method: Everything You Need to Know about Dynamic Audiences

By Georgia Galliford

Earlier this year we introduced Dynamic Audiences, an innovative new methodology that is proven to reduce respondent frustration.

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A QA Experts’ Top 12 Tips to Ensure your Survey Launches Quickly and Seamlessly

By Heather Stockhoff and Miriam Haynes

M3 Global Research’s Global Director of Survey Quality Assurance, Heather Stockhoff, and Global Head of Survey Programming, Miriam Haynes, know a thing or two about launching fieldwork.

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Five Things You Need to Know About HCP Participation in Market Research

Source: M3 Global Research Internal Survey

In our latest survey, we asked our panel of HCPs across the UK and US why they participate in market research, revealing some interesting insights.

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Living with Long COVID: Claire's Story

‘Long COVID’ describes long-term symptoms that remain after the patient’s immediate recovery from COVID-19, and commonly include shortness of breath, fatigue, and ‘brain fog’. Because ‘long COVID’ is still a new topic of conversation, we want to give patients living with the condition a voice, which might encourage others to share their own experiences. We want to start by sharing the story of Claire, a woman who is living with type 1 diabetes in the UK and is now suffering from ‘long COVID’.


5 Tips for Remote Qual Success

by Hannah Brown

Although remote qual research is not a new approach, it was rarely seen as a first-choice approach until 2020 and COVID-19. In the post-pandemic world comfort with online video platforms has increased, and so has the prevalence of online qual. The introduction of new platforms built by research experts for online research, like our proprietary platform QualStage, provide many benefits when conducting online qual. But researchers must also adopt new best practices in order to get the most out of their research.