Blog: Three Ways we Keep our Patient Panel Engaged

Three Ways we Keep our Patient Panel Engaged

Happy panel...happy clients? Keeping our panel engaged and responsive is a top priority to ensure that our clients can gain as many insights as possible and achieve their research objectives. That’s why at M3 Global Research we have a dedicated team of experts maintaining the panel - it’s their job to ensure that both our healthcare professional and patient panels are engaged – and ready for research.

We recently caught up with Athena Yu, Panel Development Strategist, for top tips on keeping our patient panel participants engaged:

  1. Provide Opportunities
  2. Provide opportunities for people to share their story, and highlight their experiences, this might include public polls, open conversations, or published interviews.
  3. Work from a Place of Empathy
  4. Their experiences are their LIVES, not a job or a passing trend. For us this means showcasing stories and offering topical conversations all the time – not just during awareness months.
  5. Understand, and Educate Yourself Before Reaching Out
  6. Knowledge and understanding a condition or an illness is important, and it’s not up to our patient partners or panel members to educate us. We exceed expectations by asking and discussing complex intricacies they experience, which allows us to step aside from platitudes and bring visibility to real concerns they have.

Our award-winning patient panel is built specifically for healthcare research, run by experts in patient market research, with in-depth knowledge across recruitment, sampling, community builds, qualitative and quantitative methodologies, and project management.