Blog: Market Research in Japan: How to Target the Right Respondents

Market Research in Japan: How to Target the Right Respondents

Sampling in Japan, with a general population of 123 million, and approximately 323,700 Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) can be challenging. When building your quota sample, two key factors should be considered to ensure the target population is covered: physician distribution by geographical area, and hospital types.

Physician Distribution
Japan is divided into 47 prefectures across eight regions, and when building audience specifics, it’s important to target specific cities and include them in the screener, potentially with quotas based on regional HCP populations.

Hospital Types
Regardless of the type of hospital, patients in Japan have free access to treatment. Facility type is a common profiling criteria so should be considered in the screener design. For oncology, rare diseases, or specialist medical care, respondents working in university hospitals, national hospitals, or public hospitals are recommended. By contrast, for chronic disease, or lower severity illnesses such as hypertension, general hospitals or clinics would be preferable.

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