Blog: The Power of M3’s Standard and Custom Recruitment Approach

The Power of M3’s Standard and Custom Recruitment Approach

Successful market research hinges on one critical factor, securing reliable and engaged respondents. At M3 Global Research, we understand that the foundation of any productive study lies in the quality of the participants involved. As a result, we have created a recruitment process that integrates diverse strategies and places paramount importance on participant engagement. With this approach to recruitment, we aim to provide valuable insights for your projects and drive meaningful outcomes.

In an effort to achieve and maintain consistent participant engagement, our recruitment strategy for M3GR panellists incorporates a range of tailored communication channels. We use personalised email correspondences, timely text messaging, and direct calls to help provide you with respondents that align with your research objectives. Additionally, our recruiting approach doesn’t end with our established panellists. We extend our outreach efforts to include non-panellists and leverage client-provided lists.

Custom Recruitment Strategies

In some instances, projects demand more than our standard recruitment process to access the specific participants required to uncover valuable insights. In these scenarios, M3’s dedicated custom recruitment team takes a strategic approach that goes beyond conventional panel recruitment methods. These tailored tactics, which are fine-tuned based on regional nuances, redefine the boundaries of recruitment strategies.

Working in tandem with our standard recruitment process, our custom recruitment strategies help to ensure that each project receives the attention and precision necessary to deliver quality insights. Some of the customised approaches we can provide include:

  • Outbound call recruiting
  • Custom targeted email invitations
  • Postal mailing with study links
  • List building and desk research
  • List purchases
  • Physical and digital advertising
  • Referrals
  • Social media ads

Our commitment to delivering exceptional results extends across both our standard and custom recruitment efforts. Our dedicated recruitment teams are an integral part of our research process. They specialise in tailoring recruitment strategies to meet the unique requirements of each project.

Whether your research calls for specific demographics, region-specific insights, or hard-to-reach participants, our recruitment strategies are designed to support your needs. Recognising that the quality of participants is crucial to any study's success, we focus on providing engaged and motivated respondents. This collaborative approach aims to provide the insights you need to make informed decisions for your research.

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