Explore Respondent Satisfaction Monitoring to Drive Higher Quality Deliverables

Battling Fraud

M3’s respondent satisfaction monitoring examines a set of survey score metrics that can be used to drive higher quality research, and allow you to compare your performance against industry benchmarks. With daily update reports on these survey diagnostics you can compare and contrast scores for different projects to inform best practice and future research design, quantify capabilities when bidding for new projects, use evidence to inform conversations on the impact of using fair market values (FMVs), or advocate for a recommended length of interview, giving research sponsors peace of mind that participants will have a good experience.

Here are our top four ways in which respondent satisfaction monitoring could help you with your next research project:

Evidence-based Best Practice

Having access to respondent satisfaction scores equips you with the ability to compare and contrast scores between different projects. Data can also be used to make informed decisions on research design.

Quantifying Capabilities

Respondent satisfaction monitoring can also be used to quantify capabilities when bidding for new projects. By leveraging respondent satisfaction monitoring to demonstrate the quality of their research design, MR teams can evidence that their research design and implementation are of the highest standard.

Leveraging Evidence

You can also use respondent satisfaction monitoring to inform conversations about the impact of using FMVs, or to advocate for a recommended length of interview. You can also leverage respondent satisfaction monitoring to demonstrate the value of your research approach, and to evidence your capabilities to potential clients to win business.

Drive Data Quality

High-scoring surveys reflect a good overall respondent experience, which drives data quality, reduces the risk of panel attrition, and provides research sponsors with peace of mind.

Respondent satisfaction monitoring from M3 is an invaluable tool for organisations looking to drive higher-quality deliverables and identify opportunities to improve their benchmarking position against the industry and market-level KPIs.

To find out how more about respondent satisfaction monitoring, and your own performance.